BG Eats: JD’s sandwich bread makes a suitable vessel

A turkey, bacon and avocado sandwich at JD’s Bakery & Cafe

John Greer


JD’s reputation as a quality milk producer is widely known within Bowling Green’s local food scene. You can find its milk available at local farmer’s markets, and it’s even stocked at the Whole Food’s in Nashville. Less prominent is JD’s Bakery and Café, which sits adjacent to the Square downtown. 

In addition to producing its own milk, JD’s also makes its own sandwich bread, which is the foundation for its café menu. The lunch menu includes a variety of soups, sandwiches and daily specials. It is also open for breakfast. 

The dark and dim atmosphere may feel a bit uninviting upon entering, but the consistent rush of customers turns it into a lively lunch spot. Exposed brick lines the walls. A mural of idyllic rural farmland is projected above the dining space. To complete the rustic, rural Kentucky aesthetic, the counter at JD’s showcases weathered, dark wooden bourbon barrels from the Jim Beam distillery.  

Among JD’s classic lunch options is the turkey, bacon and avocado sandwich. The sandwich was simply constructed, allowing for the quality of each ingredient to shine through. JD’s uniformly toasted and chewy sandwich bread made a suitable vessel for the thick slices of smoky bacon and sliced hunk of savory deli turkey. 

The addition of thickly sliced avocado and slather of mayonnaise contributed a dose of tart and creaminess to round out the sandwich. While it may not have been complex, it conveyed some strong, balanced flavors. 

JD’s also makes its own pastries. One of the daily specials was the hummingbird cake, infused with banana and lined with cream cheese icing. This traditional dessert reminds one of the texture and flavor of a dense, moist banana bread. The potency of the banana verged upon overpowering, but the sweet tang of the rich frosting kept it in check. It was a pleasant take that bodes well for the other pastries offered. 

For some simple, quality local food at favorable price points, check out JD’s. Their milk is not the only thing worth coming back for.