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Alyssa Pointer

Senior Hilltopper basketball guard, Trency Jackson (3), of Jackson, Miss., received his first tattoo, a detailed half sleeve, that showcases an angel, when he was 16-years-old. “I thought it was going to hurt but it didn’t,” Jackson said. He instantly fell in love with inking his body and hasn’t considered stopping. At a young age, Jackson knew he wanted to have a multitude of tattoos because of his brother. Jackson doesn’t know how many tattoos he has but is positive they outnumber the ink on other players of the team. Most of the ink on Jackson’s body represents his Catholic faith but a portrait of his mother and his older brother, two important people in his life, also frame sides of his arms. At the moment, Jackson only has the front of his body covered but, not for long. “I’m not sure what it will be yet… but [the tattoo on my back] will be big,” Jackson said. Alyssa Pointer/HERALD