Christian Student Fellowship planning charity concert

Madison Martin

The Christian Student Fellowship is looking to raise money for a community cause. 

The college ministry, which averages 100 to 120 students at their Tuesday nights gatherings puts an emphasis on student involvement and opportunity.

That involvement led one CSF senior to push for a fundraising concert to benefit the local non-profit organization, Hotel Inc. 

Claire Winter, Brentwood senior and student intern for CSF, wanted to plan another event this year, after the ministry hosted a small concert for Steve Moakler’s “Tailgate Tour” during the fall semester. This time around, the staff, comprised of one graduate intern, two student interns, the associate pastor and the senior pastor, decided to raise funds and really advertise for a charitable cause, entitling it “Unite for a Night.”

“We just love the organization and love what they’re doing,” Nathan Ayers, WKU alumnus and CSF’s third-year associate pastor, said. “It would do a lot for the homeless and impoverished here in Bowling Green, and I hope we can make that happen.” 

By selling tickets at $15 each, CSF has the potential to raise thousands of dollars, depending on the turnout. 

Winter pursued a concert headlined by singer-songwriter Ellie Holcomb because of CSF members’ interest in seeing the artist again after many attended her concert last spring. 

The concert, taking place on Saturday, March 7 in Van Meter Hall, will end up being a kick-off of sorts for her upcoming tour, beginning early that month. 

The other student intern, Blake Sapp, is friends with WKU alumnus and Phi Gamma Delta fraternity member Jordan Minton, a singer-songwriter whose opened up for Steve Moakler, and asked him to be the opener for the show.

Ayers said the concert gives CSF members an opportunity to take ownership of their time at WKU. He said his job gives people an opportunity to do something important and allows people to have no regrets, because they contributed to a bigger cause.

Although they originally wanted to have other acts for Unite for a Night, “We’re really excited about who we have … it’s gonna be really good,” Winter said.  

To spread the word, graduate intern Jake Franck said CSF plans to have an Instagram-incorporated scavenger hunt, where students would have to take pictures with college pastors in order to win free Ellie Holcomb CDs or even tickets to the show. 

The group is looking for this to become an annual event, with hopes of benefitting various organizations in the community. 

“This first year, we’re just kinda hoping for the best,” Ayers said. “And then as years progress, we’re gonna hopefully get better and better.” 

In the end, the ministry wants this to be a way for students and the community to see what they can achieve when they come together for a common purpose

“As a student you get 4 years, 5 if you stick around to do an internship. You get, basically, a short window of time to do something well — do something good for this campus,” Franck said. “And I truly believe that providing a night of music for a group of young people, that also helps people in need — that’s something. That’s something truly good.”