WKU competing for $200,000 security grant

Erian Bradley

WKU is nominated for a grant from Stanley Security, worth upwards of $200,000 to provide funding for new security equipment on campus. 

“The grant will provide opportunity for WKU to receive electronic security hardware to upgrade security measures on 15 to 20 doors on the WKU campus,” Quentin Hughes, Access Control administrator, said via email. 

The grant would go toward equipment for doors throughout academic buildings on campus.

Access Control will decide which doors receive the improvement, depending on the door openings and the needs of the certain passages. 

The competition is made through tiers, which is determined by how many students attend universities across the nation. WKU is in Tier 3, with 20,000 students or more. 

At press time WKU was in the fourth spot. 

Dorms won’t receive the improvements because Housing and Residence Life feels that the policy it has today is more effective and cheaper. 

“Having someone stop at the desk and show his or her ID is the only way to verify that you belong there,” Brian Kuster, HRL director, said. “Right now that’s not something that we’re looking to do… to put that type of access control on doors.” 

While electronic key fobs would make accessing doors easier, traditional metal keys and locks are safer, Kuster said. 

Some WKU buildings already have some electronic key fobs, such as the Kentucky Street apartments.

The apartments have cameras on every floor, unlike dorms, which only have them on the main floor and outside. 

According to Kuster, the reason HRL doesn’t want dorms to have key fobs is due to the frequency with which people come and go. 

Some might not see a need for the upgrade, but Hughes said safer security measures should always be looked to.  

“It’s likely some people would not see the benefit, but given the long term cost savings of electronic security, the improved security visible to current and potential students and the improved convenience to faculty, staff and students, it would be difficult to formulate a reason not to advance WKU security,” Hughes said. 

The winner of the competition will be announced in March. 

Students can vote via text, Twitter, or online at stanleysaferschools.com/vote/ID/wku.edu everyday until Feb. 13.