Potter College to host life skills conference


On Friday, Feb. 20, Potter College of Arts and Letters is hosting a Career Linkages Conference to teach students how to apply their skills to life after graduation, given that the university is in session. 

The conference is being held on the third floor of Downing Student Union and will have concurrent sessions running throughout the day. The various sessions will include information about resume preparation, social media marketing, dressing the part and much more.  

Jennifer Markin, coordinator of Student Services for Potter College, is responsible for developing the conference. 

“(It’s a) free mini-conference that any students can come to with the intention of teaching them how to most successfully articulate their skills for post-graduation life,” she said.  

Markin said the event is invaluable for students looking to enter the job market. 

“Having the degree is what can get you the interview, the foot in the door,” Markin said. “But you have to be able to explain what your skills are and how those impact the job you’re applying for. Doing that is what sets you apart from the rest of the group.” 

The sessions are designed to provide information for a real world application of skills. 

“Andrew Head, from the Gordon Ford College of Business, does a session on finances and there are always a lot of shocked faces on the people coming from that session,” Markin said. “From my own personal experience leaving college, I wish I could have had that session.” 

Sidney Blanford, a Shepherdsville senior and member of the Dean’s Council of Students, is especially looking forward to the interactive resume workshop. Over the course of the day, several faculty members from different departments will be working with students to refine their resumes. 

“The objective of the session is to tailor your resume to an appropriate audience,” Blanford said.

In addition to the interactive resume workshop, students will also have the opportunity to run a graduation check to ensure that they remain on track for graduating on time. 

There are four session times throughout the day and students can come and go as they please to accommodate their class schedules. 

“Come for at least one session,” Markin said. “Try it out and see if you learn something worthwhile. You’ll be that much better prepared for when you graduate.” 

Food will be available at the conference. During the lunch break, students can mingle with their peers and faculty members.

“You’re going to have to eat lunch anyway,” Blanford said, “so why not eat lunch at the conference?”

At 2:30 p.m. the conference will conclude with a panel of recent alumni. The speakers on the panel will provide information about adapting to life post-graduation. 

While the event is free, students are encouraged to register in advance. Registration can be done on the event’s website (wku.edu/pcal/career.php) or during the 10:00-10:30 a.m. check-in window on Friday.