Hijab facts

ShelRogers and Jacob Parker

• 33 countries organized world hijab day events this year.

• According to a 2011 FBI report, anti- Muslim hate crimes increased by 50 percent in 2010.

• Full hijab wear consists of three elements: Jilbab, Khimar and the Niqaab. Three main types of Islamic dress relating to women while in public are:

1. Hijab

Extremely common; leaves a woman’s face and hands visible; “hijab” can also refer to the principle of modesty in Islam that includes dress behavior for both men and women.

2.  Niqab

 Similar to the hijab but partially covers the face, leaving only the eyes visible; typically worn with loose, black garment (abaya) that covers from head to feet.

3.  Burqa 

 Veils woman’s face; semi-transparent cloth with mesh veiling over the eyes so that the veil hangs down to cover the face and can be turned up if the woman wishes to reveal her face.

Vieling  and coverage depends on cultural and religious heritage, as well as country of origin and social meanings of coverage for each wearer.


*Facts compiled from: 

The Islamic Information and Services Network of Australasia

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