Commentary: Snowmageddon showcases WKU snow sport innovation

Jacob Parker

Bruised hips and busted asses abound — it is undeniably Snowmageddon 2015. Starting on Monday, Bowling Green began to resemble a deleted scene out of “The Day After Tomorrow”, and residents took to the streets to have fun in the snow and prove how big their trucks were. It was all fun and games until it was all “pedestrian versus SUV” and neither had traction. Which, incidentally, is what happened Tuesday night.   

Wednesday marked the first term in recent memory that school has been called off three days in a row, and students have definitely been making the most of it. Hospital Hill and Van Meter Hall are prime sledding locations, and DSU has transformed into some kind of refuge for those without power in their dorms. 

All in all, administration hit another bullseye by closing campus this week. Despite the obvious safety concerns from the ice that covers a hefty majority of the hill, having essential resources like computer labs and coffee shops unavailable does not lend itself to success. 

From the looks of the blood peppered snow by the Colonnade, either some people are having an extremely good time or an extremely difficult one.

It’s turned out to be one of those weeks where the Western experience is all the more unique and interesting. From trucks pulling mattresses down State Street to sledding from Cherry to Hilligan’s on a piece of tin roof, the ways people have enjoyed the time off are surprisingly innovative. 

However, as school inevitably returns, let’s all remember that Skipper Bob is only human after all, keep an extra eye out for pedestrians and remember that Snowmageddon 2016 is only a year away.