Weather continues to make ‘normal’ impossible for WKU employees

Jessica Voorhees

The university continues to function only partially as the snow blankets parking lots, freezing temperatures prevent the buses from running and food services lack employees. 
Gary Meszaros, assistant vice president of business and auxiliary services, said all food employees who can make it to work are trained to serve at Fresh Food Company or sent to Subway at Bates or P.O.D until the rest of the food locations can open. 
The two most recent additions are Steak ‘n Shake and Papa Johns in the food court, which opened this morning. 
Bob Skipper, director of Media Relations, said determining which staff is essential to come in is the duty of each respective department. 
Meszaros said the Fresh Food Company will remain open to serve students, especially the displaced PFT residents, but Subway at Bates is running out of supplies.
He said food services is working to clear the dock so supplies can be delivered and more locations can open. 
“It’s complicated when everyone is not at work,” he said.
Meszaros said the Topper Transit buses remain a major problem as well. 
“The buses aren’t built for the cold,” he said.
Meszaros said the buses freeze if temperatures reach below 20 degrees, and only two buses reside in a garage. The rest of the line remains outdoors and inoperable. 
He said parking presents another problem because the lots are not cleared.
Meszaros said the grounds crew is working to open spaces, as well as volunteers. He said the university is considering hiring outside contractors to contribute as well. ​