10 best places to hook up at WKU

Tanner Cole

10. Music rooms – Take your lover to the third floor of the Ivan Wilson Center for Fine Arts to make some sweet-sounding love. You’ll need a key to get in, but once inside you can drape yourselves over a piano and start banging on the keys. 

9. Craven Library basement – Under WKU’s precious library is a wonderland of empty rooms just begging to host sexual escapades. Plus, all the bookcases move using electronic rails – you can build your own secret bookshelf love-nest. 

8. In between the libraries – Step outside Cravens and find this narrow gap between the two libraries. This spot is full of thrills and tension.  You’re outside, in the center of campus and anyone could walk through at any moment. Endless fun.

7. Smith Stadium – Plenty of schools have the time-honored tradition of hooking up on the 50-yard line. It isn’t just tradition though, the well-manicured lawn makes for comfy bedding as you make it in under the big lights.

6. Gary Ransdell Hall – This quiet building features plenty of hidden windowsills perfect to hide away with your lover and bask in the window light. The real motivator here is the ability to say you hooked up inside Gary Ransdell. 

5. Top of parking structure things – If you head to the top floor of Parking Structure 1 you can continue walking up the exit ramps to find an extra floor hidden above. Whether under the stars or glowing in the sunlight, this secret space is a great locale to get your love rolling.

4. Thompson North – You’re going to have to break in. Once inside, you have a sketchy wonderland of broken glass and abandoned classrooms to convert into your new bedroom.

3. Grassy steps inside the Kentucky museum – You’ll need to do a little exploration to find this hidden haven, but it’s well worth it. The Kentucky museum forms a rectangle with a square of grass contained within. The grassy knoll inside is a lush getaway protected from the elements and prying eyes. 

2. Under the kissing bridge – It’s a timeless tradition to kiss on the kissing bridge as a WKU student, but once the boring stuff is out of the way you should head underneath to truly experience the bridge’s ritual.

1. Hardin Planetarium – Making love under the stars is great, but making love under computer manipulated star projections is even better. Have a friend speed up the Earth’s rotation to keep up with your increasing pace. You can even simulate a supernova when that special moment arrives.