9 spots at WKU to reenact your favorite Disney scenes

Cameron Love/HERALD

9. Channel the bitter old man inside you and start attaching balloons to WKU’s Pioneer Log Cabin. Soon enough you’ll be floating up and over the Hill just like “Up.”

8. In between Grise Hall and the fine arts center is a little patch of plant-life straight out of “The Jungle Book.” It’s the perfect spot to forget about all your stress and focus on the bare necessities. 

7. Head up to the top of the parking structure to witness the circle of life. Stretch out toward the rising sun and chant just like the beginning of “The Lion King.”

6. Grab a hold of Thompson Complex North, raise a fist and let the world know that you just wrecked it, Ralph.

5. Out looking for a beast to tame? Bring your beauty to the Augenstein Alumni Center. Fall in love as you dance together in the foyer. 

4. If you throw some spoons to the bottom of the Preston Center’s swimming pool, a certain little mermaid might just surface to thank you.  

3. Pearce-Ford Tower is female only now, but word is someone on the top floor has been smuggling in boys by dangling their hair down all 27 stories.

2. Guthrie Bell Tower doesn’t just have to be a beloved symbol of the university — it can also be home. However, people might just start calling you hunchback if you choose to take up residence.

1. Wait a few months for winter to come, then head on up to Cherry Hall. Look out over the sprawling city before you and just let it all go. When it’s frozen outside, it’s the perfect place for a heartfelt ballad.