Let’s talk about sex

Tanner Cole

Last Thursday the Herald ran an opinion piece titled “10 best places to hook up at WKU.” The piece was satire and meant to generate some laughs. The Herald staff expected it to earn some attention, but no one expected it to be taken seriously.  

It’s the staff opinion that the Herald has room for a few comedic pieces, and our student-based target audience is probably a suitable audience. Herald writers have freedom of the press, and no one at WKU has the authority to tell anyone on staff what they can and cannot publish. 

That said, some readers were very upset. Apparently, the Herald single-handedly killed journalism with a single opinion piece. It’s pretty impressive considering the piece was never intended to be journalism and ran on the opinion page. 

Many complained that the story took room away from news content. Of course, this was the biggest Herald of the semester. It featured 34 pages of content and a great front-page story about WKU’s abysmal loan default rates. 

That story has received fewer than 300 views on wkuherald.com. The hook up list clocked in at about 12,000. There was more than enough room in the paper for the list — it’s the second most-viewed story of the semester. It’s pretty obvious what kind of content the Herald’s readers actually pay attention to.

At the end of the day, the Herald is a student newspaper. Students have sex, and the alumni that came before them had sex as well. Can’t we all just get along?