Happiness is: Lovers under covers

Jacob Parker

“I love you.” It’s one of the simplest phrases we use to communicate one of our strongest emotions. It’s a feeling that doesn’t recognize distances or gender differences. Finding a partner to walk beside you and celebrate life’s intricacies brings a warm kind of happiness that nothing else can. 

Happiness is sitting in comfortable silence as you watch the world go by.

Happiness is having someone you’re not afraid to pee in front of.

Happiness is trust.

Happiness is falling asleep together watching your favorite shows and waking up to each other in the morning.

Happiness is five extra minutes of spooning under the blankets before the day starts.

Happiness is a slow dance in the kitchen.

Happiness is receiving a surprise date night just because it’s Tuesday.

Happiness is the first time you exchange “I love you.”

Happiness is never wondering who your “plus one” will be.

Happiness is attending a college with a LGBT friendly campus. 

Happiness is the wordless communication of passion.

Happiness is also communicating that passion for three straight hours.

Happiness is having a boo who can cook.