Happiness is: Puppy love

Jacob Parker/HERALD

Jacob Parker

Owning a dog brings a kind of happiness that can only be compared to the feeling you get from seeing a beautiful baby. It’s a fuzzy, loving and adorable addition to daily life. Whether it’s their weird snores or their dopey faces after a long play session, the trans-species friendship shared with your dog is one of the best parts of everyday life.

Happiness is watching their tail tentatively start wagging when you come home from a long day.

Happiness is knowing they’ll protect the homestead while you’re gone.

Happiness is having a dog that does tricks to various Harry Potter spells.

Happiness is the extra warmth when the heat goes out. 

Happiness is a pup who will be your constant companion.

Happiness is playing fetch in the clearing next to Hardin Planetarium.

Happiness is starting your morning with a leash in one hand and coffee in the other.

Happiness is having a dog who is smart enough to walk itself.

Happiness is when your dog becomes friends with your neighbor’s dogs. 

Happiness is seeing the miserable expression on your puppy’s face when you put them in a ridiculous costume.

Happiness is taking your dog everywhere just because you can — even if you really shouldn’t. 

Happiness is having a feline friend, because cats are awesome too.