Chin up despite the chill

Jacob Parker

Without much of a warning, it got cold. It’s the kind of cold that when the wind blows, your face feels like it’s ripping off. If you’re a fan of sunlight, doing activities outside and staying warm, you may end up with a little seasonal depression. Despite the frozen outdoors, there are ways you can make sure the cold doesn’t bother you anyway.

Happiness is getting out of class because your teacher thinks you’re upset, when really your eyes are just teary from the cold wind.

Happiness is wearing so many socks your shoe size increases.

Happiness is snow days and the rare opportunity to sled down the Hill.

Happiness is learning to maneuver icy roads so that you can pick up the pizza when Domino’s refuses to deliver.

Happiness is having someone who will point out your dripping nose before you give a presentation in class.

Happiness is the coming abundance of holiday turkeys, hams and casseroles.

Happiness is being able to charge your landlord for the pricey hotel you rented because they refused to fix your electricity. 

Happiness is blankets and cocoa on the couch with a space heater by your feet.

Happiness is the diverse array of coffee shops offering small cups of warmth with a smile. 

Happiness is the increasing ease in which you’re able to relate Clark Griswald’s life to your own as the holidays draw closer.  

Happiness is a snowman built in the shape of Big Red.

Happiness is a vacation to anywhere above 50 degrees.