Barre Co. combines multiple exercise forms

Whitney Allen

Exercise has evolved from the traditional sense. The gym scene has changed from customary gyms to niche gyms all over the city and for the past five years, Barre Co. has worked to add to the new exercise scene. 

Barre is a hybrid fitness routine developed from the Lotte Berk Method, pilates, ballet and controlled breathing.

Amanda Young, executive coordinator at Barre Co., said each barre studio has it’s own quirks.

“Everybody’s barre is going to be a little different, even though it’s the same concept of no impact and using your own body resistance,” Young said.

Danielle Smith and Jennifer Travelstead, WKU graduates and Barre Co. founders, opened the studio five years ago. Barre Co. was Bowling Green’s first barre studio.

Barre Co. puts a high intensity spin on barre exercise. They encourage anyone to try their classes. 

“We have modifications for everyone,” Young said. “Our goal is to get you in your best zones for you to get the best workout for you.” 

Travelstead said the modifications and individualized attention each client receives offers a hands-on experience. 

“What specifically makes our barre so different is that we customize it for each client,” Young said. “The goal is to get a personal trainer experience in a class setting.”

Barre Co. encompasses all aspects of exercises into their classes, including cardiovascular strength, endurance and flexibility exercises.

“We don’t skip out on any portion of that,” Travelstead said.

In addition to regular barre classes, the studio also offers a cardio-focused class called Stix and a yoga-infused class called Boga.

“We always say barre is our bread and butter,” Young said. “Then we can build up and create a more intensive workout and we can build down and create more of a stretch class. We try to hit every aspect of exercise so people, when they come here, can buy an unlimited package and get everything they feel like they need.”

The decision to bring barre to Bowling Green was a no -brainer for the founders. 

“When we found barre, we decided there was a lack of this modality in this area,” Travelstead said. 

Since Barre Co.’s opening in Bowling Green, two studios have opened in Glasgow and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Travelstead had hopes of franchising the company from the very beginning.

“That was our goal — we knew we wanted to expand,” Travelstead said.

Young said the best part about working with Travelstead and Smith is that their passion for barre is reflected in their work.

“The people that teach here and the people that we hire and bring on have to have a passion and a love for it,” Young said. “Because then you understand it and appreciate it for what it is.” 

Not only does barre challenge individuals physically, it also requires mental strength. Travelstead said barre gives clients a mind-body connection.

“Literally it will reshape your body and mind,” Travelstead said.

Since most new clients have no idea what to expect when coming to Barre Co., the first class is always free. Barre Co. also offers WKU student discounts.

“You’re coming in with nothing to lose — what’s it going to hurt?” Young said.