Gatton academy to expand next summer

Jessica Voorhees

Next year’s renovation of Gatton Academy will push upperclassmen honors students out of Bates-Runner Hall and into Gilbert Hall, allowing Gatton students to move into Bates during the construction process.

Brian Kuster, Housing and Residence Life director, said Bates was chosen for the Gatton students because it is the closest in size and has the same bathroom amenities as their hall, so it will be an easy transition.  

He said some bedrooms on the first floor of Bates will be used as offices for Gatton staff.

Upperclassmen honors students will no longer have the option to live in Bates. Those students will be moved to Gilbert Hall, which will be co-ed.

 Kuster said HRL will discuss the gender division in the new dorm with the Honors College.

The move will displace most of the Gilbert residents. Kuster said Gilbert was picked as the replacement dorm for Bates residents because Gilbert was so close to Bates. This way, upperclassmen in Southwest and Northeast Halls will not have to be displaced. 

Kuster said HRL will work with Gilbert residents to decide which dorm they will stay in next year. He mentioned the campus apartments as one alternative for students.

The upperclassmen honors students moving into Gilbert will lose Bates’ private bathrooms. Gilbert has two community bathrooms on each floor. 

Chief Facilities Officer Bryan Russell  said the Gatton Academy expansion is currently in the design process. The expansion is scheduled to begin in June 2015.

Russell said the purpose of Gatton’s renovation is to accommodate 200 students. Gatton currently holds about 120 students. The renovation will also enlarge office spaces and meeting rooms.

Kuster said he will provide the official information about housing options to upperclassmen honors students in January.

“Most students won’t see a difference,” Kuster said. “The honors students are the ones who will be affected that year.”