Get your freak on this Halloween

Jacob Parker

It’s that beautiful week of the year when most cavities are conceived. Whether it’s a guy in a green thong and feather hat calling himself Peter Pan, or an intricate pumpkin carving of Beyoncé wearing a crown, the creativity in this town comes alive under the eerie luminescence of a Halloween night. Here’s 13 reasons to enjoy the holiday.


Happiness is the annual live re-enactment of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” at the Capitol Arts Center. 

Happiness is reading a different faux-gravestone as you pass the yard full of them walking to class on Park Street.  

Happiness is wearing your costume to class.

Happiness is playing with mushy pumpkin guts while you carve Jack-o’-lanterns.

Happiness is the profit you make if you’re a dentist. 

Happiness is knowing people who can do kick-ass makeup for your costume.

Happiness is getting candy that isn’t raisins.

Happiness is giving out candy that isn’t raisins.

Happiness is seeing groups of best friends dressed as a fictional group of best friends. 

Happiness is being the person who doesn’t get scared in haunted houses. 

Happiness is discount candy the day after Halloween.

Happiness is having those eyeball ice cubes to put in your drink for costume parties. 

Happiness is celebrating the holiday of superstition.