Dry Clean Only: How to dress for the changing weather

(Demetrius Freeman/HERALD)

Kae Holloway

The leaves are changing, pumpkins are being sold on campus and Mother Nature is playing with the environmental thermostat.

Students trekking to 8 a.m. classes are donning scarves and sweaters only to regret their sweater weather proclamations by the time lunch rolls around.

Picking the perfect outfit around this time of year is a struggle. Between freezing at the bus stop in the morning, to sweating on the trek to the Downing Student Union food court a few hours later, it’s difficult to match the varying Kentucky climate. 

Every day the question is blasted on every social media outlet available: how does one dress for this weather?

Learn the art of layering, guys and gals. 

Wear a skirt or dress with tights. Tights can save your legs from the chill of the morning and are easily removable when the temperature jumps up to the 70s. 

Layer your summer shirts with button ups. Throw on that denim or chambray shirt over your graphic tee for a look that’s polished in the cooler temperatures and adaptable for the warmer.

Opt for long sleeve tops and cardigans or short sleeves and jackets. Wearing pieces that are easily removable can take your outfit from cozy to cool in seconds.

If you insist on pulling your cream cable knits out, just be sure to wear a lighter shirt underneath so you can remove the sweater later in the day.

Layering can save both your dwindling deodorant sticks and your goose bump covered legs. 

It’s a great way to bring a few of those heavily missed fall staples out, while hanging on to those last few summer favorites. Bundle up, cool off and layer correctly.