Thompson Complex North Wing planned to be demolished over Winter Break

Jessica Voorhees

The design process for the construction of the new north wing of the Thompson Complex is in progress as the building undergoes its second month of abatement.

Chief Facilities Officer Bryan Russell said he started the design process with architecture consultants. Planning, Design and Construction is working closely with the faculty in the Ogden College of Science and Engineering to make sure the building is furnished with the science equipment needed to conduct classes.

Ben Johnson, assistant director of Planning, Design and Construction, said the abatement of the building began Sept. 2. 

Asbestos in the building was partially removed two years ago and is now being completely eliminated. 

Russell said outside companies will come in to remove other hazardous materials such as window glazing putty and will check glass piping for potential mercury contamination.

After the abatement is complete, Russell said he will submit a request for proposal to demolish the building over winter break. 

Russell said he does not know how long it will take to tear down and dispose of the building. 

Russell said he is in the planning process for the new science building that will be built in the location of the Thompson Complex north wing.

He estimated the building will be three to four floors and 70 to 80,000 square feet. It will house astronomy, biology, chemistry and possibly computer science courses. 

Russell also plans to remodel Thompson Complex Center Wing, which he said might take place this summer. 

“We’re really trying to attack the major mechanical deficiencies in Thompson Complex,” he said.

Russell said this would involve replacing the roof and air conditioning system.

The building will remain open during construction.

“We haven’t phased everything out yet, but we’re working on a strategy of how to accomplish these renovation projects within an active building,” Russell said.