Happiness Is: Brews can get you out of the blues

Jacob Parker

Brew. Sauce. The hard stuff. It can be assumed that most college students would agree drinking can bring happiness. 

• Happiness is one-dollar wells at The Brewing Company on Thursday nights.

• Happiness is a large order of greasy McDonald’s fries and a sweet tea to line your stomach for the night’s activities.

• Happiness is the hangover breakfast at Fifth Street Diner.

• Happiness is collecting a ton of Mellow Mushroom pint night glasses.  

• Happiness is taking a drink every time Mac and Charlie do on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

• Happiness is having friends who will take your keys or hold your hair back if needed.

• Happiness is knowing if you lose part of your group, you’ll reconvene at Rocky’s later in the night. 

• Happiness is also knowing you can only end your night at Rocky’s, not start it. 

• Happiness is a party with the sole purpose of getting old friends together again.

• Happiness is winning a pong game after a half-hour of being tied. 

• Happiness is being one of the students taking the History of Alcohol course with Dr. McMichael.