What you should be drinking this Halloween

Emily Little/HERALD

Tanner Cole

Smoky Bourbon Potions

You’ve heard of bourbon on ice, but how about bourbon on dry ice? Simply add a few ice cube-sized chunks of dry ice to a glass and pour your favorite bourbon on top. The result is a smoking potion. Let the smoke die down a little before sipping. 

Candy Corn Gelatin Shots

These can be complex to brew if you aren’t already familiar with the art of making gelatin shots. For the veterans out there, consider picking up some tall clear shooter-style shot glasses. First make a layer of yellow, then orange and finish with white to create an alcoholic re-creation of the classic candy. 

Earthworm Mudslides

They’re just like the classic gummy worm cupcakes, but they have a little more liquid fun. Mix ice, coffee flavored liqueur, vodka, Irish cream and some slimy gummy worms to create this gross-out treat. Be sure to serve with a worm dangling from the side of the cup.

Witches Brew 

A little sizzle, fizzle and witchcraft all go into this delicious drink. Combine apple cider with cinnamon whiskey and crank the heat up on your cauldron. Serve this delicious brew nice and warm, and it’ll have your guests under your spell in a snap.

Black Cat Margaritas

Sometimes the scare is all in the presentation. Make yourself a batch of dark, blackberry margaritas and serve them up with a creepy smile in a dimly lit room. Slowly heat blackberries with sugar and lime for a half hour, and then strain out the juice to use as the base for your delicious, bloody treat. 

Haunted Gin and Tonic

If you’re planning a black light party this Halloween, be sure to make gin and tonic the drink of choice. A little known fact about tonic water is that it glows bright blue under a black light. Just add gin and suddenly you have ghastly blue lights floating around the dance floor.

Vampire’s Elixir

Bloody Mary’s are an obvious choice for any creepy costume pairing. Match the color of your fake blood to the tone of your drink. Or, just splatter it all over your face every time you take a sip. Either way, this classic mix of vodka and tomato juice is a great choice.

Spooky Screwdrivers

If you can get your hands on some black vodka, these are sure to knock any ghoul on his ass. Black vodka isn’t terribly common, but one can simply use food coloring to achieve a similar aesthetic. Mix it up with orange juice and go hard in the pumpkins.