10 great things about being a Hilltopper

Tanner Cole

1. The buses — When you find yourself down, WKU’s buses are there to pick you up. The team of drivers is eclectic and wonderful. When all else fails, you can always count on a bus showing up in just a few short minutes with an interesting character manning the wheel.

2. Diversity — They aren’t kidding when they say “International Reach.” Every semester, WKU attracts students from all over the world. Compared to most universities, WKU is doing everything it can to create an internationally diverse campus.

3. United Greeks — When tragedy strikes, every Hilltopper can count on the powerful Greek community to stand together in support. Rarely can any organization command such powerful compassion and use it to brighten the lives of those who need it.

4. Big Red — He’s the best mascot in the country, and he’s even in the Capital One Mascot Hall of Fame as proof. No one is really sure what Big Red is, but he eats people and shakes his belly around. It doesn’t get much better than that.

5. Green initiatives — There’s a fantastic amount of powerful environmental movements at WKU. Whether it’s leading the way with LEED certifications or the single-stream recycling offered all over campus, WKU is actively trying to save the planet.

6. Conference USA — With a new conference comes a new level of athletic relevancy. People are starting to really care about WKU on a larger scale, and our teams are always working to improve our image.

7. LGBTQ acceptance — We have issues from time to time, but WKU’s student body is actively trying to be accepting and set a strong example for other universities. Our students demand change, and their voices are powerful.

8. Great music — The Bowling Green music scene is diverse and brilliant. Cage the Elephant, Sleeper Agent, Buffalo Rodeo and Morning Teleportation are just some of the bigger names. Plus, WKU has a fantastic student radio in Revolution 91-7, the perfect place to find more local tunes.

9. Opportunities — The Hill is some 20,000 strong, and there’s something here for everyone. There are tons of grants available to fuel research or travel, and plenty of scholarships for needy students. Some of our academic programs reliably deliver students to incredible places.

10. Big Red Rumble — WKU has it’s own ice cream, and it’s red velvet cake flavored. Oh, man.