Michael Myers haunts Skeleton’s Lair for 15th season

Kierstin Kirk

Those brave enough to venture through the heart-stopping attractions at Skeleton’s Lair, located off Cemetery Road, will have the opportunity to meet a horror film icon as they exit. 

Tony Moran, who played the original Michael Myers in the 1978 movie “Halloween,” will be meeting fans this Friday and Saturday to help celebrate the scream park’s 15th season. Fans will meet Moran in the gift shop as they exit the attractions. 

Moran will be signing autographs and taking pictures with fans for an additional charge. Visitors can purchase an item in the gift shop or bring an item of their own to have Moran sign.

Bowling Green sophomore Madison Heckman acts at Skeleton’s Lair with other WKU students.

“To meet someone who played a role where every move is so iconic, down to the way they walked, is incredible,” she said. 

Heckman is considered a veteran, having spent seven years haunting the spooky grounds. 

“I’ve been everything from a chainsaw victim to Linda Blair from ‘The Exorcist,’” Heckman said.

She, along with Skeleton’s Lair spokesperson Amy Burge, believes Moran choosing to visit Bowling Green is pretty significant since the director of the movie, John Carpenter, attended WKU from 1966 to 1968. 

“John Carpenter used a lot of the street names in Bowling Green in the movie like Smiths Grove and Chestnut Street,” Burge said. “He pulled a lot from the area, so Bowling Green has almost accepted ‘Halloween’ as their movie.” 

This isn’t the first time the scream park has brought in celebrities for their guests. They try to bring horror film stars in every year. 

“We have had celebrities from Jonathan Breck, who plays the Creeper in ‘Jeepers Creepers’ to Bill Johnson, who plays Leatherface in ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2,’” Burge said. 

Burge and Heckman are very pleased to have a star from a classic film come in and are looking forward to seeing the excitement of Moran being in town. 

“I really think Bowling Green is getting bigger and Skeleton’s Lair has been around for years so it’s really awesome to have celebrities like Tony Moran show interest in our town,” Heckman said.