Happiness is: Running with roomies

Jacob Parker

Having a roommate is a nearly unavoidable part of college. Whether you were randomly assigned, decided to live with your best friend or met a stranger in your night class, having a good friend to come home to brings happiness at the end of a long day. 

Happiness is coming home to cooked dinner and clean dishes. 

Happiness is not only having a roommate who pays rent on time, but one who also drops it off for you while you sit in class.

Happiness is private and silent dance parties held in the living room.

Happiness is always having someone to talk to about your dirty laundry, even when it’s literally just about dirty laundry.

Happiness is having a roommate who already bought the pint of ice cream for your most recent breakup. 

Happiness is knowing your roommate will hide your booze in case there’s a surprise room check. 

Happiness is taking a family walk with the dogs.

Happiness is when your roommate takes the party elsewhere while you finish your paper, then brings it back home so you can celebrate. 

Happiness is taking turns driving while the other sticks their head out the window. 

Happiness is having that one person you know you can drag anywhere you don’t want to go alone. 

Happiness is also having that one person who doesn’t mind calling you on your bullshit.