Happiness is: Singing in the rain

Jacob Parker

Bowling Green has a beautifully inconsistent weather pattern that could have a person wearing a cozy turtleneck at lunchtime only to be hot in a T-shirt by four. If you’re new here, you’ve probably already picked up on the fact that a sturdy pair of rain boots is necessary to get your degree. It’s a little tougher to find happiness when the sky is a waterspout and you’re walking to Van Meter in canvas shoes.

Happiness is knowing that if it looks like it’s going to rain in Bowling Green, it probably is, and you should go ahead and grab that umbrella.

Happiness is a breeze that brings the sweet and musky smell of rain before the storm begins.

Happiness is sitting in the grass in the lotus position during the starting drizzle.

Happiness is successfully patching your boot with duct tape.

Happiness is the giggly feeling of incredulity the first time you see campus flood.

Happiness is getting soapy and taking a bath in Barnes lot with your friends before all the water drains.

Happiness is awesome bus drivers who wait, stop out of route or otherwise go out of their way to make sure students stay warm and dry. It’s appreciated.

Happiness is being able to stay home because your professor didn’t want to get wet either. 

Happiness is finding the girl with the broken smile after spending all day on a corner in the pouring rain.

Happiness is grabbing a blanket, some coffee and a window seat to re-read Harry Potter for the umpteenth time.

Happiness is having one of those dome-like umbrellas that never really seem like a good idea until it’s the middle of a downpour and you don’t have one. 

Happiness is taking in the beauty of the sky after the clouds break and the storm is over.