Now Playing: Stay thrilled with “Gone Girl”

Jackson French

Nothing is ever what it seems in “Gone Girl,” David Fincher’s new mystery thriller. With ingenious twists and turns popping up to force the plot in new directions, the movie will have you biting your nails all the way through.

When Nick Dunne, played by Ben Affleck, comes home to discover his wife missing amid signs of a struggle, he enters a bizarre nightmare. As doubts about his innocence arise, the movie becomes a tense, dark journey where nothing is ever certain.

How little the audience truly knows about the Dunnes’ relationship early on keeps the film surprising audiences for the full 145-minute runtime. We’re treated to scenes showing how the characters met and how they developed as a couple which tricks us into thinking we know the score. Things get interesting when Amy’s diary reveals a much darker truth lurking beneath the surface. Every time more information emerges from the shadows the viewer is forced to re-evaluate the story.


The characters in this movie, while they aren’t saints, are highly appealing. They’re flawed, multifaceted, often immoral and brought to life by a diverse and well-chosen cast. As a man face-to-face with a strange and terrifying situation, Ben Affleck brings a palpable sense of fear and uncertainty to his role. Meanwhile, Rosamund Pike is perfect as his mysterious missing wife. There are a few pleasant surprises in the cast as well. Both Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris pull off roles far more serious than what’s normally expected from them.

With a dark mood, a twisting plot and well-written characters, “Gone Girl” is the most suspenseful movie of the year.