Naomi Scott initially thought her husband was ‘weird’

Naomi Scott initially thought her husband was ‘weird’


Naomi Scott thought her husband was “weird” the first time they met.

The 27-year-old actress met soccer star Jordan Spence at church, and Naomi still has vivid memories of him being “very reserved and very quiet”.

Naomi – who married the sports star in 2014 – said: “I thought he was way older … and then my dad always does this thing where he’s like, ‘Go and say hello to someone you haven’t met.’

“Beeline straight for Jordan, but he was standing next to his auntie, who is now my auntie, and I thought they were brother and sister … anyway, he was just very reserved and very quiet. And I was just intrigued by him.

“I was like, ‘This guy is just weird.’ And then I found out he’s a footballer and I was like, ‘Oh I don’t know about that.'”

Despite her initial doubts, Naomi arranged to go on a date with Jordan and she remembers being extremely nervous about it.

They decided to go to an Italian restaurant, but Naomi was too hungry to eat as she normally would’ve done.

The ‘Aladdin’ actress told the ‘Table Manners with Jessie Ware’ podcast: “We went to this local Italian and I was so nervous. He’d seen me in so many settings.

“Everyone knows me for how much I eat, I eat a lot and I can out-eat my husband. I can out-eat anyone. Especially when I’m hungry, so I can eat a lot of food. And he’d seen me in action, and I’m like a baby dinosaur when I eat.

“But I was really nervous, so I remember I had like one slice of pizza and I think he was like ‘what is wrong with her? Why is she not eating?’ And that was our first date, and I remember being so nervous, him driving me home and I was just nervous.”