Nite Class returns to renovated Downing Student Union

A student grabs a non-alcoholic long island ice tea during the “Welcome Back” Nite Class event in Downing Student Union, Thursday, September 18, 2014. Other non-alcoholic beverages served at the party included, Sex on the beach, Margaritas on the rocks and Shirley Temples. Alyssa Pointer/HERALD

Giorgi Meyer

On the first floor of the renovated Downing Student Union, near Red Zone, a large room was added for students. The purpose of the room is to hold Nite Class.

Nite Class is a versatile performing arts venue open to students. Director of Student Activities Charley Pride said it may be used for variety of events.

“Poetry slams, alternative bands, garage bands, kind of niche marketing to different segments of the campus,” Pride said.

Nite Class is scheduled for Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays around 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. every week. The hours Nite Class is open reflect the its purpose, a venue of entertainment for the night life of students. It had its first event Thursday night.

Nite Class will be open for all students to participate, but the venue will include a variety of other events such as small parties, banquets and additional seating for the food court if needed.

“There are a lot of purposes for it,” said Pride. 

Almost 3 years ago, Nite Class was located on the bottom floor of DSU, then called Downing University Center. Nite Class lost its popularity and died out. This year it has returned with a new location and larger space to accommodate students.

Associate Director of Student Activities and Union Operations David Emerson said a lot of Nite Class activities will remain unchanged but new technology will alter how students participate in activities. For example, students will be able to watch streams of sports games, election results or other live events.

In order to reserve an event for Nite Class, student organizations or individuals need to call the Campus Activities Board and state their purpose.

“Talent, act or performing art that they want to do,” said Emerson.                                                                        

A team from CAB then organizes activities for Nite Class would then implement the events and organize the program.

Emerson said he hopes students will participate and have fun with Nite Class and will grow for the foreseeable future with student participation.

“Each year we will build on that,” Emerson said.