Zombie Run creeps into Bowling Green

Stephanie Jessie

On Saturday, the Skeleton’s Lair Scream Park will be oozing with mud and crawling with zombies for a 5K race that even the undead can enjoy.

The second annual KY Zombie Mud Run is this Saturday at the park, located just outside of Bowling Green on Cemetery Road/Highway 234.

The three-mile run will send the first set of racers out of the gates at 9 a.m.

Not only is this race full of obstacles and mud, but participants must also avoid organ-eating zombies at every turn.

“Each runner will wear a flag belt with three flags,” Amy Burge, event organizer, said. 

Each flag represents an organ: brains, guts and the heart. While going through the course, zombies try to capture the flags or “infect” the runner. Those who finish the race with at least one flag will be entered to win prizes varying from Cheddar’s gift certificates to pillows from Trent Bedding.

“It’s not a timed event,” Burge said. “It’s more of a fun run, but people do try to finish with the flag at the end.”

Participants are allowed to bypass an obstacle they wish to avoid or, if they choose not to run at all, the KY Zombie Mud Run gives another option to enjoy.

“Not only can you be involved by a runner’s stand point, but you can also be involved by a zombie’s standpoint,” Burge said. 

For a $25 donation, volunteers can arrive at the course at 7 a.m. in old clothing to have their makeup done by the event coordinators. They are then placed throughout the course and spend the race trying to steal the flags from the runners. Runners and zombies are encouraged to bring extra clothes.

While the online race registration price ended Wednesday night, any student that shows a current WKU ID at the registration table on Saturday will receive a discount price of $40.

“It’s great entertainment,” Burge said. “For a lot of people, they’re getting the health factor, they get to participate with family and friends and, you know, they have a good time doing it.”