Happiness is…

Jacob Parker

This column is a revival of Tod Porter’s  happiness column from the College Heights Herald circa 1965. 

“Panic and frustration are hereafter unknown,” said Porter in his very first column.


So what is happiness anyway?

Amid a stressful first “real” week of class, take a small moment to be happy with these short thoughts: 


—Happiness is attending a university with a record-breaking football team. 

—Happiness is having a roommate who wakes you up with fresh coffee and “The 59th Street Bridge Song.”

—Happiness is the four or five year journey of being a Hilltopper. 

—Happiness is soaking up the last bit of summer by tubing down the river with friends.

—Happiness is finding a new street you haven’t walked down before. 

—Happiness is having a hand-held electric fan while walking to class in 90 degree heat. 

—Happiness is finding a hand-held electric fan at the store for $3. 

—Happiness is, as Porter noted half a century ago, finding a parking space anywhere. 

Find a daily reason to be happy. 

If this seems to be a monumental task, throw caution to the wind and look to this weekly column for an optimistic outlook.