Shoppers find variety of products in Granma’s Attic

Granma’s Home Consignment employee’s Tracy Taylor (left) and Roberta Anderson sort, tag and price every item that enters the store. Luke Franke/HERALD

Whitney Allen

Although it’s probably not as old as Grandma, the local consignment shop Granma’s Attic on Broadway Avenue has all the odds and ends Grandma’s house does — minus the cookies. The consignment store sells household items ranging from dishes to rugs, to furniture and quilts. 

Nancy Colburn has owned Granma’s Attic for the past 14 years.  Prior to owning the store, Colburn was a regular shopper. She never anticipated owning a consignment shop.

“I used to shop here, and then the lady I bought it from was getting ready to sell it, and she asked me if I was interested. I said sure,” Colburn said. 

While Granma’s Attic has been around for 30 years, Colburn said the store has always sold the same types of items. 

“It’s the same kind of things, we just move stuff around and we continue to move stuff around to see what works,” Colburn said.

Granma’s Attic employee Donnie Sims said the store’s success comes from its customer friendliness and variety.

“We cater to everyone. It’s everything except for children’s furniture, clothing and large appliances,” Sims said. “Almost anything else we’ll have, from forks, to beds, to electronics to costume jewelry —  we have it all.”

Shelves line the walls with an array of items. Diverse inventory isn’t the only draw for Granma’s customers.

“Sometimes people just come in because they are stressed out from work, and they just need some retail therapy,” Colburn said. 

Other times, customers come in searching for something specific. 

College students often come to the store to furnish their new homes. The low prices are ideal for short-term living situations, or the simple possibility of things getting broken or destroyed. 

Andrea Cole, a Bowling Green resident, is a regular shopper and also consigns her items at the store. Cole heard about the store from friends and other locals. 

“They always just have such neat things,” Cole said.  

Some discover the Attic by word of mouth or while on a quest for cheap furniture. Others accidentally stumble upon the little shop on Broadway.

Shelia Harper, of Glasgow, said she drove by the store and decided to stop and check it out. 

“I’m impressed,” Harper said. 

Whether it’s the quirky name, the unique finds or the cheap prices, customers keep coming back. 

“We really try to make sure that both the seller and the customer are happy,” Sims said. “I think that’s why Granma’s Attic has probably been here longer than almost any of the other consignment stores.”