‘Six Characters’ wander Russell Miller stage

Tyler Anderson

The stage is lit, and with a bang, it all goes to black. Thunder crackles and six characters, illuminated by a ghostly light, appear silently holding hands. This is the beginning of the end of their story. 

“Six Characters in Search of an Author,” presented by the department of theatre and dance, was the first mainstage production of the 2014 fall semester. It took the stage last weekend for a multi-day performance.

The play told the story of six characters who have come to life. The characters’ author left their tale unfinished, prompting their intrusion on play rehearsal. 

The characters must work together to figure out their purpose and find their story’s end. The director, played by Lexington senior Susan Creech, is   persuaded to help these characters finish their story. 

“Six Characters” ends abruptly, leaving behind more questions than answers. 

Owensboro junior Elliott Talkington, who played the stage manager, said that this is what sets “Six Characters” apart from past productions.

“These characters just crash in, and the audience doesn’t get a definite answer at the end. They’re left to fill in the blanks,” he said.

“Six Characters” is the third mainstage production that Talkington has acted in.

“It’s much different from our past plays story-wise, which is why I find it so interesting.”

Bowling Green sophomore Janae Williams said that although she felt that production was well done, the ending was a bit confusing.

“The acting was amazing. There was a lot of emotion, but there’s a lot of questions too,” Williams said.

Paris Richard, a Bowling Green sophomore, agreed with Williams. 

“I came out to see this for my Introduction to Theatre class, but I’ll definitely come back to see more,” Richard said. 

Talkington said the sudden ending allows several interpretations of the play, and allows everyone in the audience to draw their own conclusions.

“The character’s story is being told from several perspectives, so the audience has to figure out what and who to believe,” Talkington said.