Happiness Is: Find relaxation in daily campus life

Jacob Parker

Time flies when you’re working so hard you don’t have time to look at the clock. It may be a surprise, but fall break is next week. It’s almost time to take a break from the struggle and kick back for a few days. To get through the next week of classes, try to find happiness in campus life. 

Happiness is dancing at the Colonnade as the sun rises on an early Saturday morning.

Happiness is watching a feather floating aimlessly in the wind.

Happiness is watching the albino squirrels having a turf battle with the others. 

Happiness is taking a shortcut through the library on your way up the Hill.

Happiness is a fixed espresso machine at Einstein’s.

Happiness is taking a selfie with Gare Bear.

Happiness is seeing Mrs. Ransdell walking her dogs.

Happiness is watching a sunset from the steps of Van Meter. 

Happiness is getting your paycheck a couple days before you leave for vacation. 

Happiness is wearing the right combination of clothes to accommodate Bowling Green’s hourly, shifting weather patterns.

Happiness is hanging out in the Valley after classes are done for the day. 

Happiness is sharing stories with freshman about DUC and the tin TopperCafe.

Happiness is finding time to pack for vacation in between last-minute paper assignments and exams. 

Happiness is finding a commuter spot in Chestnut North for your class starting in 15 minutes. 

Happiness could be having professors that cancel class next Wednesday.