10 best places to cry on campus

Tanner Cole

Test grades came in. Long distance relationships crumbled. The world is ending, and sometimes all a Hilltopper can do is cry.

These venues offer the ultimate settings for your salty-eyed sorrows. Keep weeping practical with the ideal sobbing spaces.

10. Abraham Lincoln’s bench

There are plenty of benches on campus, but only one can guarantee an arm around your shoulder. Watch the cars roll by as your tears run down. Good old Abe has got you.

9. The Colonnade

Sometimes, you may not really have to cry, but you still want to. There’s no better place than a public auditorium in the middle of campus with the acoustics you need to truly broadcast your every wail. No one does any real crying in the Colonnade, but it’s great for a spectacle.

8. Cherry Hall’s stairwell

These steps offer a strong sense of solitude. While the classrooms are full of writing and lectures, you’re sprawled across the stairs attempting to wretch your darkest despairs out of your troubled heart.

7. Under the bridge between the Academic Complex and Minton Hall

This spot stands out for its amenities. Seemingly homeless plastic chairs offer a convenient location for your nervous breakdown. Plus, the ever-present smokers might just offer you a sympathetic cigarette.

6. The curb by the Floral Shop

You might just quell your sniffles if you choose to cry on this lonely road. Let the colorful flowers soothe your aching heart. Enjoy the beautiful view of Gary Ransdell Hall. Smell the roses and relax. Gary’s here for you, baby.

5. Chandler Memorial Chapel’s bell tower

Maybe spirituality is key to a healthy life. Maybe you want to try and ring the bell using the obnoxious anguish in your broken voice. Either way, the bell tower has the answers.

4. Bench near Cravens Library

If you find yourself sobbing your way down Normal Street, look for this bench to the left of the libraries. There’s an odd bit of natural beauty that will make your cry feel just like Bambi after his mom was shot.

3. Below Van Meter’s fountain

The pleasant view of Bowling Green will help you relax, and maybe your tears can help keep the fountain flowing.

2. Under the Kissing Bridge

Your first kiss was on this fateful bridge, but now the only moans you’re making are coming out of your whiskey-scented mouth as you lay below. Forget what happened on its romantic curves. You’re just the troll beneath the bridge now.

1. The walkway behind Snell

The quiet getaway has everything you need for the perfect cry. No one can see your face as they walk behind you. The beauty of nature and the therapeutic passing of cars will help you truly appreciate your meltdown. Reach down and rip up the grass during your fits of rage. It’s just you, the world and your dumb tears.