Students attend Study Abroad and Majors and Minors Fair

Rachel Phelps

More than 1,480 students had the opportunity to explore WKU’s academic options and Study Abroad opportunities during Tuesday’s Majors and Minors and Study Abroad Fair in Preston Center.

Students roamed around various tables and booths, chatting with representatives from several academic departments and Study Abroad programs, such as Kentucky Institute for International Studies, or KIIS.

Each academic department presented free gifts and information on how to obtain a degree in four years, while the Study Abroad departments presented information on various countries, including Ecuador and England.

Gallatin, Tennessee freshman Larenz Winford said he wants to study abroad, but isn’t sure where to go.

“There’s lots of options,” he said. 

Other students like Elizabethtown freshman Anna Huffman have more of an idea about where they want to go. She would either like to go to China or Africa for a semester. 

“If I went to China, I’d want to go to Shaanxi, which is where the Terracotta Warriors were found,” she said.

The Terracotta Warriors are a collection of underground sculptures of soldiers who were made to protect an emperor of China in his afterlife. 

Louisville senior Shannon Wagner, a Potter College of Arts and Letters representative, said the fair is a way to help other students decide what they want their major to be. Wagner, a history and anthropology double major, said she is happy she chose her majors.

“I love the majors and professors in Potter,” she said.

Diplomat-in-Residence Michael McClellan talked about how students often come into his office seeking advice for studying abroad and putting their major to good use.

“We sit down and just brainstorm how to make their degree into a career,” he said. “It’s my job to mentor students. I help them decide where to go.”