No. 3: ‘How many tackles can one man break?’

Tommie Frazier’s iconic 75-yard touchdown run in the 1996 Fiesta Bowl clinched Nebraska’s second straight national title. Frazier broke as many as seven tackles on the play, the culmination of a 62-24 win.

the Lincoln Journal Star

Jan. 2, 1996

Football coaches at all levels drill into ball carriers a basic concept: Keep your legs churning at all times.

Tommie Frazier evidently listened.


In the 1996 Fiesta Bowl, the Nebraska quarterback made what’s regarded as one of the best runs in the history of college football, a 75-yard touchdown burst when at least seven Florida defenders got a hand on him.

It didn’t matter. His unforgettable run led to a 62-24 throttling of the Gators that gave the Huskers back-to-back national championships.

About 40,000 Nebraska fans were at the game in Tempe, Arizona. Others listened to the Husker radio broadcast, with Kent Pavelka ending his call with “Holy cow! He’s going to go! Touchdown, Tommie Frazier!”

Many other fans will remember CBS play-by-play man Jim Nantz wondering aloud, “How many tackles can one man break?”

Frazier’s run was a show of strength and sheer will befitting one of the most dominating teams in college football history.

— Steven M. Sipple