19 reasons you should have already dropped that class

Emily Little/HERALD

Tanner Cole

Students are approaching that awkward part of the semester. The first test grades are starting to come in, and some are already realizing the harsh realities of their class schedules. 

The last day to withdraw from bi-term classes was yesterday, Sept. 17. Students still have until Oct. 15 to withdraw from semester-long classes, but sadly they will still have to pay.

Some unsatisfied scholars might be debating taking the fall and the ‘W’ on their transcripts. Here are some reasons you should have already dropped.







  1. You just found out it isn’t a Wednesday-only class.
  2. The professor uses PowerPoints for everything, even the tests.
  3. There are weekly online quizzes, apparently.
  4. 50 percent of your grade goes to participation, but it’s a class of 80.
  5. Your advisor lied to you. It doesn’t count for credit.
  6. You’re always late because you’re looking for a parking spot. 
  7. The other members of your group project are on the football team. 
  8. “There will be no excused absences.” 
  9. The teacher’s assistant keeps hitting on you. 
  10. You don’t actually know how to speak French.
  11. MyMathLab.
  12. You had to buy a $300 textbook for the online code.
  13. It’s in Cherry Hall, but your last class is in Gary Ransdell Hall.
  14. It was supposed to be your lunch hour, but there’s a no food allowed policy.
  15. Note taking isn’t allowed in Chinese class.
  16. You’re not sure if the professor actually speaks English.
  17. Ratemyprofessor.com lied to you.
  18. It’s an 8:00 a.m.
  19. Maybe ceramics just isn’t for you.