Five best and worst bathrooms of the Hill

Emily Little/HERALD


5. Downing Student Union

DSU is too fresh and too clean to hold a single ounce of filth. The bathrooms, though widely trafficked, are always clean. Their proximity to the food court offers a clean transition from food intake to close.

4. Health Services Building

No matter how bad you may feel when you enter this building, you’ll at least feel happy once you hit the throne. Rumor has it that their toilet paper has been privatized too. 

3. Music Rehearsal Hall

This little-known hideaway is located above a stairwell awash with musical splendor. The timeless ‘Occupied’ sign on the door keeps you safe and secure as you enjoy this private retreat from choir’s song.

2. Van Meter Hall

Tucked in the corners of the auditorium entrance, these bathrooms are a spacious getaway. One could get lost in the majesty as they wander these sexy stalls.

1. Augenstein Alumni Center

You haven’t felt luxury until you’ve used this restroom. With deep sinks, wooden stall doors and TV screens embedded in the mirrors, this truly is the greatest latrine to grace WKU.



5. Fine Arts Center

The only bad restroom that could still be recommended, FAC’s johns are truly an adventure. The odd-angled walls and broken doors are almost charming until you remember that you are lost in the maze that is FAC with only a leaky faucet to keep you alive. Keep an eye out for the comfy couch adorning a ladies’ room somewhere in this building.

4. Mass Media and Technology Hall

The upper floors are generally safe, but the first floor restrooms are subject to the constant pilgrimage of essay-writers, syllabi-printers and coffee-drinkers. 

3. Snell Hall

All the math and all the science couldn’t save Da Vinci’s adjacent restroom from complete destruction every day. Stepping inside is like entering a trap designed to stick toilet paper to your shoe. 

2.Cherry Hall

Everything seems to be going surprisingly smooth in Cherry’s facilities until you try to shut the stall door. To successfully lock yourself inside your chamber, one must somehow levitate above the toilet and maneuver the door shut. The graffiti is not for the faint of heart.

1.Garrett Food Court

The second you enter the narrow hallway leading to this nightmare you feel as though you have been thrown into a horror film. If the dim lighting and messy floors aren’t enough to keep you away, the aftermath of Home Zone’s comfort food may sway you.