Incoming freshmen build school spirit with a R.O.A.R.

Louisville junior Alyssa Frommeyer, left, and Nashville junior Kierra Chandler, center, participate in a dance competition between the Topperettes dance team and MASTER Plan students at ROAR. ROAR, or Roast of All Rivals, is a celebration of WKU’s rivalry with competing universities. William Kolb/HERALD

Giorgi Meyer

MASTER Plan students formally embraced the spirit of WKU at R.O.A.R., the Roast of All Rivals, by tossing aside rival schools.

On Monday night, students had the opportunity to exchange rival school clothing for a WKU t-shirt. The hundreds of traded in shirts were donated to the Bowling Green community, instead of being burned like they have been in the past.

Hundreds of students danced and sang along with popular music, like “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea, as the night went on. Students socialized while cooking s’mores over a fire. Enthusiastic cheers from WKU’s cheerleading team caught everyone’s attention, as they tried to get the freshmen into the school spirit. Western Leaders, volunteers who help freshmen during MASTER Plan, met with and advised freshmen during the event. Afterward, some students retreated to their dorms with new friends and free t-shirts.

The event also included a scavenger hunt where red towels were hidden across WKU’s campus. The freshmen who found the towels won a dinner with President Gary Ransdell on Wednesday night.

The Student Alumni Association sponsored the event and Tori Henninger, assistant director of Alumni Programming, said no ill will was intended to other schools.

“It’s not about being derogatory towards any other school, but to build school spirit,” Henninger said.

MASTER Plan continues until Thursday.