YoBlendz closes, Burrito Bowl to open

The space previously occupied by YoBlendz is now in use by Burrito Bowl, a new addition to the Downing Student Union.  Bria Granville/HERALD

Giorgi Meyer

WKU has gained a new restaurant for this semester, but has lost another one in the process.

Yogurt shop YoBlendz, formerly located on the first floor in Downing Student Union, closed down over the summer.

Assistant Vice President of Auxiliary Services Gary Meszaros said the shop’s failure was due to lack of sales.

Meszaros said the university didn’t want to waste money funding the yogurt cafe if it was unpopular. 

“We (sic.) got to meet the needs of the students,” Meszaros said. 

YoBlendz’s stay in DSU was not a long one. The eatery remained open for less than a year.

Some students, such as Melbourne, Australia senior Llewellyn Little, thought there were better yogurt alternatives elsewhere. 

“Anyone could drive down to one of the shops off campus and buy frozen yogurt for a cheaper price and with much more variety of flavors and toppings,” said Little.

YoBlendz was replaced by Burrito Bowl. Burrito Bowl sells salads, smoothies and Mediterranean rice bowls, among other products. It will open in the coming weeks.

Unlike YoBlendz, the new restaurant will allow students to use Meal Plans, Meal Plan Dollars, Dining Dollars and Big Red Dollars, along with cash and credit.

Meszaros said a reason why Burrito Bowl was picked was because of WKU’s past experience with Freshens, which had a location in DSU before the renovation began. 

“They [Freshens] came up with this new concept that sort of hit some of the things we are looking for,” he said. “Some international concepts, healthy fresh food type concepts…just everything came together.” 

 Burrito Bowl joins Steak ‘n Shake, Red Zone, Papa John’s and Chick-fil-A as some of the restaurants in DSU.

“We got a lot of new opportunities, new food service facilities, new restaurants on campus. It’s exciting and it’s going to be a real thrill for everybody who comes and sees them and tries them out,” Meszaros said.