New registrar brings change to position


Whitney Allen

There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes of a university. In addition to teaching courses, there are student records, transcripts and other information that has to be maintained, which is where the office of the registrar comes into play. 

Last semester, after 28 years as the university registrar, Freida Eggleton retired from her position. 

This summer, after a national search, Tiffany Robinson was hired to take her place. 

Brian Meredith, associate vice president for Enrollment Management, said those were going to be big shoes to fill. 

But Robinson’s prepared to take on the challenge. 

“I was looking for a school that was open for changes,” Robinson said. 

She saw an opportunity to make the changes she wants at WKU. 

And Eggleton said change isn’t new to the registrar’s office. 

“The 28 years that I spent as university registrar saw a tremendous number of changes in how we’ve served the university community,” Eggleton said.

Robinson is planning to introduce a preferred name policy. This would allow students to have their preferred name on file with school records and class rosters and is aimed at helping transgender students specifically.

“That is a huge population that is growing on university campuses,” Robinson said. “I want to make sure that those students know this is a safe place for them and that we’ve got steps in place for them that when they do come to the university, they feel welcomed.”

Meredith said Robinson’s experience with the registrar’s office at Southern Illinois University, as well as the values of being fair and equitable, made Robinson the best candidate. 

“She believes in the importance of being consistent and fair to all students,” Meredith said. 

Robinson wants all students to know the registrar’s office is a safe place for them to go. 

“So that when students come in and have to make changes to their records, they’re coming to one place and they don’t have to go to five different spots on campus and basically explain their whole life story,” Robinson said. 

While Robinson has come a long way from the beginning of her college career, she can relate to students who are unsure of what their next step will be.  

Upon beginning her freshman year at SIU, Robinson had no idea what she wanted to do after graduation. 

She graduated with a degree in Consumer Economic and Family Management, and eventually found her niche when she spent a summer working with her basketball coach in the office. She spent the summer helping rebuild their student database. 

“I loved being there and helping students, that’s what got me started,” Robinson said. 

After completing her undergraduate degree, Robinson got a job in the registrar’s office at SIU and obtained her master’s degree. 

While Robinson enjoys the registrar position, she is still seeking to move forward. She is hoping to begin a doctoral program in the spring and get her PhD in Educational Leadership. Several years down the road, she hopes to pursue a student affairs or provost position. 

“I’m very happy to be here, this has been a great opportunity,” Robinson said. “Freida Eggleton definitely left a great legacy here and one I would like to build upon and keep this office in the high regard that it has always been in.”