COMMENTARY: “Why do you want to be SGA president?”

By: Nicki Seay

To answer this question, I’ll have to go back to the Fall 2013 semester.  It seemed like a normal Friday; I had just finished up my SGA office hours for the week and I was heading to Preston to work out.

That’s when I saw Nick Conrad.

He was fervently asking anyone who would listen to sign his late-night dining option petition.  He noticed my SGA shirt and asked what we could do to make his vision happen.

After multiple meetings with university officials, an SGA resolution, and a trial run at Einstein’s, late night dining is now a part of campus.

I do not claim any responsibility for late night dining; that all goes to Nick.  I just put him in contact with Gary Meszaros, who I had worked with previously in my SGA duties.  SGA did not create late-night dining, but we facilitated it.  We gave the students a voice.

That is why I want to be SGA President.

Students on this campus have ideas to improve life for us all; they only need someone to listen and guide them to the right university officials.  They need someone to fight for what the need to be happy, healthy, and successful.  I want to be that voice.

As SGA President, I will strive to give students a voice.  SGA will utilize Twitter to allow students to “tweet in” student speaker comments and Adobe Connect to broadcast meetings.  Similar to our South Campus meeting, we will hold regional campus meetings.  I will listen to what students are saying during this budget crisis and relay that on to university administrators.  We will keep accountability a priority and find additional ways to remain transparent.

I want to serve you, the student body, to make this campus an even better place.  Together, we can make that happen.  Vote Seay for President on April 8th and 9th for an experience leader that will serve all students.