Alums launch social networking site TheFotoLife

Anna Lawson

Brian Hall and Hunter Foy have always had big dreams on the horizon. The duo recently created their own website called FotoLife, an interactive medium that focuses mainly on storing pictures but also allows users to listen to music, check weather and stay up-to-date with traffic.

Hall, a 2010 graduate from WKU, started working on the idea a year after graduating. The site not only stores pictures, but it also provides a map to help track photos as well as allows users to share the photos with friends and family.

“The site really allows you to see someone’s story in a unique way,” Foy said.

The process of creating the site took around two and a half years. It began with finding a company to help produce the website. Hall and Foy found DreamCo Design in Chicago, which created the site and helped to make it user friendly.

“The biggest challenge was finding the right developers and getting them to work together to create a product that everyone could enjoy,” Hall said.

“Keeping everyone on task and meeting deadlines was also hard, but that is something that anyone wanting to create a website should be ready for,” he said.

The main use of the site is to tag and share photos. However, there are also many other features that are similar to Facebook or Twitter, but they are all in the same place.

“Market Place” is a feature that allows companies to sell their own products through the website. They are also working with Google maps, which will allow users to access anything they could when using Google maps.

“It is basically a big photo album. It allows you to track your travels, and see where and when you took them. We also offer a service that allows people to send us their pictures which we scan and post into their photo albums.” who said this?

Hall was originally hoping to become a coach and go into sports management. However, once he had the idea for the app, everything changed. Since then he has dedicated all of his time and energy to completing a user friendly and accessible experience.

In the future, Hall said he and Foy hope to have stores open up that will allow them to work with their clients in person to create a more unique experience.

“We really want a site that people can use for all their daily needs, something that has everything in one place,” Hall said.

They are currently working on finishing up an app that will soon be available. What makes the website unique is that it is on a private server. This means that there is another level of security that adds to the privacy of the website.

The site is a huge accomplishment for the two friends.

“Seeing this final product of something that I had envisioned years ago was really amazing,” Foy said.