Student body elects new SGA leaders

Leah Brown

Student Government election candidates gathered late Wednesday night, eating GADS donuts and anxiously awaiting poll results.

Ten minutes after the clock struck midnight, current Chief Justice Seth Church walked into the room and announced the winners. 

He began with the Glasgow winners. Samantha Johnson was elected as the new Glasgow SGA President. Brandon Bragg was elected as the Glasgow SGA executive vice president. 

Church then read off the names of the main campus SGA results. There were 20  senators elected, all of whom ran unopposed. Jay Todd Richey received the most votes out of the senators with 312 votes, or 9 percent. Abdul Samad received the second highest amount of votes with 282 votes, or 8 percent. 

Elizabeth Koehler, who also ran unopposed, was elected as administrative vice president.

Nolan Miles won executive vice president against Brad Cockrel. Miles received 63 percent of the votes, for a total of 444 votes. 

Miles said that during his time as EVP he hopes to see SGA become more diverse.

Miles’ campaign focused on student retention. He wants teachers and advisors to promote student organizations in the classrooms. 

He also wants to alter meal plans to provide healthier foods on campus. 

Miles aspires to become the SGA president at the end of the semester and believes becoming EVP is a good start in the process. 

Nicki Seay won president unopposed with 621 votes. 

“It feels good for it to be finally official,” Seay said. 

She plans to podcast SGA meetings online so that students who aren’t able to attend the meeting can still be involved. 

 A total of 908 voters casted ballots in the election. Current president Keyana Boka said that there were over 1,400 voters last election. 

“We have higher voter turnout when candidates are opposed,” Boka said. 

A referendum for a judicial amendment was also on the ballot and received 87 percent of “yes” votes. 

“It’s good to know who our team is going to be for next year,” Seay said. “Now we can get started on things and start moving in the right direction as far as getting everything set up for next year.”