Food Pantry reaches out to WKU

Brittany Eldridge

The Office of Sustainability recently became the home for the WKU food pantry. 

Available for WKU staff, faculty and students, the food pantry is a place for all to come and get food.  

The food pantry strives to get the word out about the resources it offers after hearing that those dealing with related needs were uncertain about where they could receive assistance. 

Food pantry coordinator Elizabeth McGrew said volunteering as a student is a great way to get perspective and break down stereotypes

McGrew has some long term goals for the food pantry. 

“I would like to work toward making it a place where community is built,” McGrew said. “Eventually we could have community dinners where students can come together.”

Courtney Ritchie, a freshman from Hazard, is a Bonner Scholar who volunteers at the food pantry. She said other students should volunteer too because there is a need. 

“It feels good to help the community out,” Ritchie said. “Helping those who are in a bad position or less fortunate.” 

While volunteering, Ritchie said she sorts through donations, stocks shelves and helps those who visit the pantry.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to visit, whether they want to volunteer or would like assistance with food needs.