5 things to read this morning

5 things to read

Herald staff

1. IN MY SKIN: The skinny on thin shaming

This week’s in In My Skin focuses on thin shaming.

“I remember when I saw the ‘Zero is not a size’ campaign on Facebook; it upset me,” Lexington junior Natalie Hayden said. “It is — zero is my size. They made me feel ashamed, like I don’t exist. That’s the one thing that really bothered me.”

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2. Retired Army student aspires to career in healthcare

Fred Rowe, 29, is a non-traditional student at WKU completing his undergraduate degree in health care administration. Rowe, however, is more than a non-traditional student — he is also a retired U.S. Army man. 

“I dropped out of Western in 2002 — after my first year — to go fight,” Rowe said. “I have a very patriotic family and I just felt like it was my duty and wanted to do my part for my country.” 

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3. Organizations on campus work to fight War on Drugs

Since its inception in August of last school year, WKU’s chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy has been seeking to change WKU’s approach to drugs. 

Leitchfield junior Kelly Cannon, president of  WKU’s chapter of SSDP, said many of WKU’s drug policies need to be revised.

She said SSDP advocates putting drugs “in the hands of regulatory government agencies who can dispense the drugs to make sure that drugs on the streets are what they say they are. So there’s not such a black market economy for illegal drugs.”

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4. Fire department utilizes abandoned apartments

The vacant Hillcrest Apartment building is still proving useful in the days leading up to its demolition. 

The building, originally scheduled to be demolished on Monday to make way for a new Honors College and International Center, has served as a training ground for the Bowling Green Fire Department.   

Last week, teams from BGFD conducted practice exercises at the site. By Saturday the roof was covered with rectangular holes and the sidewalk around the building was littered with broken glass and chunks of brick left from practice sessions that the department had been undertaken since Wednesday.

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5. THE REMOTE: Book a room at ‘Bates Motel’

It’s business as usual for A&E’s “Bates Motel.” And for “Bates Motel,” that means everything is weird and superbly creepy.

The show’s second season, which premiered Monday, seems to offer up more of the oddities that made the first season such an unexpected treat.

The premiere begins where the finale left off (Spoilers ahead). Local teacher Miss Watson (Keegan Connor Tracy) has been killed, sending ripples through the town of White Pine Bay.

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