Man strikes pole on Normal Street, flees scene with dog

A man knocked over a light pole on Normal Street in front of Mass Media and Technology Hall on Friday March 21, 2014. (Jabin Botsford/Herald)

Herald staff

A man struck a pole with a truck Friday afternoon around 1 p.m. on Normal Street, leaving glass and debris throughout the road. 

Jason Kelton, a communication technician in Information Technology, said he heard the GMC pickup truck hit the pole and when he looked out the window he saw the truck roll onto the curb between the four-way stop in front of Mass Media and Minton Lot, stopped his truck and slowly rolled into the streetlight. The light pole fell onto the street.

Two other witnesses picked up the light pole and moved it to the side of Mass Media. The man fled the scene a few minutes later with a dog. 

Police and university crew arrived on the scene to investigate. There is no indication the man is a WKU student. 

The police eventually found the man on campus in front of Parking Structure 1.