Lawsuit against WKU closes


A three-year lawsuit involving WKU finally closed last week. 

Arianna Petty, a former student from Hendersonville, Tenn., claimed she suffered emotional and physical damage after a physical fight with another student outside Pierce- Ford Tower and Zacharias Hall. The university suspended both girls, and neither returned to WKU. 

Petty and former friend DeLancia Davis fought on Dec. 15, 2010, but a claim wasn’t filed until nearly a year later, as previously reported by The Herald.

Petty initially sued WKU for compensation for mental and physical suffering, as well as for the medical expenses she paid as a result of the altercation. 

The Kentucky Board of Claims required Petty to show cause as to why her case shouldn’t be dismissed. However, after 30 days she failed to provide the information as the board asked, according to the case’s Order of Dismissal. 

“The Board issued an Order to Comply or Show Cause, requiring the claimant…to show cause why the claim should not be dismissed for lack of prosecution,” the Order said. “Claimant has not complied with this Order.”

Prior to having her claim dismissed, Petty amended her complaint to include three additional plaintiffs: Davis, Steve Briggs of Housing and Residence Life and Kyanna Beard, former student and hall director. 

The Petty case is by no means the oldest lawsuit involving the university. Former university employee Elizabeth Esters filed suit in 2009, claiming her employment contract was breached by WKU. There has yet to be a final decision in that case. 

The university is involved in an additional six suits, and one more involving university employees.