Keith Urban’s kids were so excited about Taylor Swift texting their dad

Keith Urban’s kids were so excited about Taylor Swift texting their dad


Keith Urban says his kids were most excited that he got a text from Taylor Swift to appear on her re-recorded album ‘Fearless’.

The 53-year-old singer features on two tracks on ‘Fearless’ (Taylor’s Version) titled ‘We Were Happy’ and ‘That’s When’ but suggested that his daughters – Sunday, 12 and Faith, 10 who he shares with wife Nicole Kidman – were thrilled that their father was in contact with the ‘Bad Blood’ hitmaker, as they are “big Taylor Swift fans”.

Keith said: “They were just excited dad got a text from Taylor Swift.”

The star also revealed that he was doing last-minute Christmas shopping in Australia when Taylor asked him to appear in the album, which she released last week as part of the process of re-recording her old material in a row over her master recordings.

Speaking on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, Keith recalled: “I’m at the shopping mall doing my Christmas shopping and I get a text from Taylor saying, ‘I’ve got these couple of songs I’d like you to sing on, do you want to hear them?’ And I said, ‘Sure’.

“So she sends me these songs and I’m sitting in the food court at the shopping centre listening to these two unreleased Taylor Swift songs.

“It was an unusual place to be hearing unreleased Taylor Swift music but I love the songs and luckily got to put a vocal on both of those.”

Meanwhile, Nicole recently revealed that she often gives Keith and the children pedicures.

The ‘Big Little Lies’ actress said: “Keith is a pretty low-maintenance guy.

“Sometimes, though, I’ll treat my whole family to a spa day and massage their feet and give them pedicures. I’ll use the Seratopical Heel Souffle on them and on myself at night. It’s fluffy and has a great texture. Then I put my little bed socks on and wake up with the softest feet. I am so glamorous.”