Dry Clean Only: Fashion is a multi-spectrum adventure

Keevin: Shirt from 21Men, jacket from Urban Outfitters, glasses from River Island, hat from Ralph Lauren. (Demetrius Freeman/HERALD)

Keevin Foree

Warmer weather is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to do some shopping and closet organizing. Something to think about while shopping for the upcoming season is color. Your color choices are the easiest way to make a fashion statement without trying too hard — no matter what the silhouette may be. A great color has the ability to change the way you feel and the way people perceive you. 

Recently, I took an adventure into the depths of my closet to do some spring cleaning and I must admit, I am a sucker for color. The colors I wear each day definitely have an effect on my mood, so I take my colors seriously. I think it’s the best part of fashion. However, some people may be afraid of color and limit themselves to all the color possibilities. I believe that color is powerful and each color carries a certain energy. Follow me down the rainbow as I fill you in on some of the ways each color you wear can influence the way you feel and the way others perceive you. 

Let’s start off with red, the most fearless and sexy color. If you’re wearing red, it’s said you are asking for attention and you’re ambitious. Red also has the ability to make you feel attractive, which is why red is perfect for a date night. Whenever I wear red, I’m definitely trying to make a daring statement. However, too much red has the ability to make you seem narcissistic and noticeably heavier. 

If you wear orange, people perceive you as a spontaneous, creative and impatient. Too much orange can be quite overwhelming, which is why it’s my least favorite color and you don’t see many people who wear it. Orange is a great color to wear when you want to be productive and active, because it has the ability to increase your blood pressure. If you really want to make a fashion statement for the upcoming seasons, I encourage you to add some orange to your wardrobe. It’s so rare. I mean, how often do you see someone with an orange dress?

Yellow. One of my favorite colors. Whenever I wear it I instantly feel 100 times happier. Yellow is lively and inviting. When you wear yellow, people view you as an optimistic person. Yellow is perfect to wear when you want to make a good first impression. Above all yellow represents the sun, so it’s the official color of Summer. 

Green is the most organic color. Green is closely related to nature, so people who wear it are seen as humanistic. Green has the ability to make you feel calm and balanced, but not to the extent of blue. Green is a balance between yellow and blue. It’s a great color to wear on somber days when you don’t feel like dressing up, but you still want to show that you have a lively personality. However, too much green can make you look envious or sick.

Blue is the safest and calmest color, but if you find the right kind of blue, it can be shocking and definitely admirable. Wearing blue makes you seem trustworthy, confident and professional. It’s the perfect color to wear for a job interview, or meeting the parents for the first time. To me, blue is  cliche; it’s way too common. However, every now and then I like to wear a nice vibrant hue blue. Too much blue can make you look depressed. 

Purple. I think it’s the most interesting color. It’s mysterious, yet spiritual. Fun fact, true purple is the most difficult dye to produce for garments and the rarest color in nature. When ever I wear purple I always feel luxurious and elegant. Purple is ultimate statement color, especially dark purple. People view others who wear purple as vain, sensitive, and intelligent. I think that more men should experiment with the color purple, because it can make you look and feel royal like a king while making a statement. 

Next time you go shopping for some new additions to your wardrobe keep in mind that the colors chose have more importance than you think. Most importantly try something new and have fun. Be as bold as you want to be.